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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona

MCAS Yuma Systems Optimization and Repairs for Building 722 and 1060

Valwest Construction: Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona

The purpose of this project was to replacing deteriorated equipment in need of repair and at satisfying energy efficiency improvements that are required for the air station to ensure compliance with several mandates. This project within its scope was to help optimize HVAC equipment, the building envelope and the lighting system. This project took place at two (2) different buildings located at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona. Valwest Construction services than included engineering design, construction, optimization, commissioning and testing for each of the two buildings.

Intent of project is to decrease energy consumption of building by:

1) Upgrading HVAC central plant per scope, i.e. boiler and VFD.

2) Upgrading illumination per scope, i.e. primarily retrofitting with some replacement.

3) Upgrading building envelope per project scope, i.e. weather‐stripping doors and windows (where windows are identified.)

4) Upgrading the DDC by re‐commissioning the DDC for B722 and B1060, per project scope.

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February, 2014


Marine Corps Air Station



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